Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Hemingbrough Hagg Lane Green Legacy Papers (2)

As a (new) Councillor, I would like to know what we are dealing with here.”
Councillor R. Proctor.
“There were large sums of money involved .....  Now you know as much as I do that there were shady dealings with this.  I did not agree with doing that.  Why do you think I walked out of your Hagg Lane Group?
It was wrong, wrong, wrong.   Well, that was entirely false, and I knew that at the time.”
 Councillor R. Chilvers

Source: Filmed and recorded at the Hemingbrough Parish Council Meeting.  
September 2014

From HEMINGBROUGH PARISH COUNCIL to the The Big Lottery Fund

Breathing Places Application Form initiated by Councillor Kenny McCann (partly in his hand writing and partly typed)

We will be working in partnership with Hemingbrough Hagg Lane Green Conservation group ...

We certify that the information given in this application is true

(Constitution of Hemingbrough Hagg Lane Green Conservation Group provided by Parish Clerk from Council files:

“This constitution was adopted on the 13th day of October Two Thousand and five.
Steering Group Signatures:
Martin Senior, Chairperson
Denis Hails, Secretary/Treasurer
Glenis Harrison, Committee
Kenneth McCann, Committee
Sarah Noble, Committee
Neil Pickering, Committee
Mark Bell, Committee
Bernard Farrall, Committee”

(This bogus Constitution is dated exactly one week before a joint Grant application to the separate Heritage Lottery Fund – printed by that Fund on Thursday, 20 October 2005 at 2.48pm. A different application misled another Lottery Fund into believing “the land is owned Freehold or other type of outright ownership by the Parish Council. 

The Application notes “The Hemingbrough Hagg Lane Green Conservation Group was set up in October 2005”. (What a surprise.)  

Martin Senior was not the Group’s Chairperson until after 17th July 2007!  Perhaps (Councillor) Pickering would like to confirm when he became a Member of that Group and accepted Committee responsibilities?)          

From the Parish Clerk (B. Hopper) to Bernard Farrall, Committee Member of the Conservation Group

As the (Conservation Group) accounts are included within the Parish Council Accounts, being the “accountable body”, and being audited by the External auditors I have assumed that the dealings of the Hagg Lane Green Conservation Group are subject to public scrutiny.  I would have thought that the minutes should be displayed on the excellent website and that meetings be advertised and open to the residents to attend.

IT WOULD APPEAR NOT SO.  However I find it surprising that some £50,000 of public money – whose pockets has it come from originally - can be spent without the local residents being able to look at the minutes and the accounts.  This is more than the Parish Council has spent in the last three years.


Addressed to home address of Mr. McCann (??? Why not to the Parish Council’s registered address care of the Clerk?)

I am pleased to inform you that we have awarded a grant to Hemingbrough Parish Council for £10,000 on the terms and conditions you accepted as part of the application.

To HEMINGBROUGH PARISH COUNCIL from the Assistant Grants Officer

The items listed below are referenced in your End of Award report as grant expenditure bur are not a part of the budget in your application and no changes to the budget have been requested.
Mower £2,350
Photopaper/Ink Cartridges/Leaflets  £631
Computer  £571
Reference Books £250 

What is not included in the extensive file of correspondence?

A copy of the letter mentioned by Councillor McCann at the September 2014 Council meeting declaring the Hemingbrough Hagg Lane Village Green has no legal owner. (It does!)

This 'missing' letter doesn’t seem to be in the Parish Council files.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

To the Chairman of Hemingbrough Parish Council & the Parish Clerk

Dear Councillor Drew

As a courtesy, I am drawing to your attention papers referring to Hemingbrough Parish Council, the Hemingbrough Hagg Lane Green Conservation Group and ‘The Big Lottery Fund’ that came to hand late yesterday afternoon in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.

This morning, I described the papers as ‘The Hemingbrough Hagg Lane Legacy Papers’ in a post on my blog about Parish Council affairs

I know you were not a Parish Councillor at the time of ‘The Big Lottery Grant application’ although your name is mentioned in regard to recent information requests.

If the hand written Grant application is confirmed as originating from Councillor McCann then I do not see how he can continue in his current role of Council Vice-chairman.  Residents, as well as the Lottery organisations, must be able to trust the honesty declarations supporting such grant applications and other council business.

Undoubtedly, the Hagg Lane Green Conservation Group brought Hemingbrough Parish Council into disrepute and prejudiced the chances of the village gaining further lottery funding.  Current, long-serving Councillors have hidden these matters from the public.

If you wish, I am willing to make the  ‘Legacy Papers’ available to the Clerk so copies can be put into the Parish Archives where they belong.

Apart from my blog, I have not mentioned the ‘Legacy Papers’, nor the Council’s joint application to the ‘Heritage Lottery Fund’ for grant funding, in other social media applications such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube today.   

The Hemingbrough Hagg Lane Green Legacy Papers (1)

“This may affect any future lottery funding applications that your organisation (The Parish Council) makes” The Big Lottery Fund.

Culled from the correspondence of Hemingbrough Parish Council and the ‘independent’ Hemingbrough Hagg Lane Green Conservation Group that still includes four currently serving Parish Councillors (Senior, McCann, Harrison, Pickering) about the award of the £10,000 ‘Breathing Places” ‘Big Lottery Fund’ Award

Discovered by Freedom of Information Act** request after the Hemingbrough Parish Council Leadership of Councillor Richard Drew, Chairman, Councillor Kenny McCann, Vice-chairman and the Parish Clerk failed to answer legitimate requests for information, and Councillors argued publicly in the  formal session of their September 2014 meeting.

** 18 November 2014 Insight, Policy and Engagement Directorate, The Big Lottery Fund, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4BE

To HEMINGBROUGH PARISH COUNCIL from the Assistant Grants Officer, The Big Lottery Fund

From the information you have supplied I confirm that there has been a clear breach of the terms and conditions of the grant and of your contractual obligations.

Due to the breaches mentioned above we have closed the grant with the outstanding issues flagged. This may affect any future lottery funding applications that your organisation makes.

From the Hemingbrough Hagg Lane Green Conservation Group (???)

We acknowledge that we have not abided by the terms of the contract by not seeking your approval for the changes to the project budget and have exceeded the 25% limit on capital items.

To HEMINGBROUGH PARISH COUNCIL from the Assistant Grants Officer

Phase One of Breathing Places had a limit on capital expenditure of 25 per cent of the total grant amount.  The budget in your application had a requested amount for capital items of exactly 25 per cent. 

The unauthorised changes made to your project budget have resulted in amount for capital items of approximately 68 per cent of the total grant. 

Had your original application requested funding for capital items for this amount, the application would have been rejected. Indeed, many organisations did have their applications rejected on this basis.

Breathing Places (Grant) Application Form (18 pages)

(Partly hand written, allegedly, and subject to confirmation, by Councillor Kenny McCann)  

About your application.  Name of your organisation.  HEMINGBROUGH PARISH COUNCIL (hand written)

Who owns the land that you plan to work on?  HEMINGBROUGH PARISH COUNCIL (hand written)

(HEMINGBROUGH PARISH COUNCIL does not own the land, as claimed)

What other organisations will you be working with and how will they be involved?  We (the Parish Council) will be working in partnership with Hemingbrough Hagg Lane Green Conservation group .... 

Ouse and Derwent Parishes CIP Working Group to the Big Lottery Fund

 Hemingbrough Breathing Spaces

This is a Hemingbrough Parish Council project

The project is situated on common land in the ownership of Hemingbrough Parish.


Monday, 17 November 2014

Councillor McCann and ‘Oldways’

October Parish Council (when Councillor Chilvers was absent and the ‘PHHHS’ Councillors were outside the meeting room)

‘I understand PHHHS is also looking at doing some work in the ‘Oldways’ which is a registered Village Green.  I think we need to look at how that is managed by the Parish Council as the Parish Council is responsible for maintaining the Village Greens’  

Presumably McCann will support the proposal to bring Hagg Lane Green back under the direction and control of the Parish Council.

P*** Up in a Brewery, or P***ed as a Mute Newt?

Further to the Post on Monday, 27 October 2014  

Anyone who has attended a meeting of the Hagg Lane Green Conservation Group in the Village Institute will know of the copious amounts of alcohol consumed there by the Steering Group.  Some may have heard the cruel joke about ‘P***ed as a Newt’ with particular reference to Hagg Lane Green Open Days. 

Maybe that Group which campaigned together for election to the Parish Council four years ago needs alcohol to get their ageing brains into gear.

How else can I interpret the bewildering session at last month’s Parish Council when Councillors Drew, McCann, Harrison and Senior were left to their own devices in the company of a newly co-opted Councillor at his first meeting when it was expected that all he could do was sit and listen.

The Hagg Lane Green Gang, as they are known by local Council Watchers, was called on to discuss a donation to the Parish of Hemingbrough Historical Heritage Society (PHHHS) for which Councillors had had at least three days notice to prepare themselves.  Right in front of them, under their noses, in plain view, those particular Councillors were oblivious to something that should otherwise have been easily seen: the Parish Council minutes for September 2014 that every one of them, by a show of hands, had confirmed were a true and accurate record of that meeting only moments before.


 With that time for preparation, the briefing they received at the previous Council meeting, and their own approved minutes can you believe the exchanges that took place?

Drew; this is bloody silly.  Pardon my French.  Who owns the land?  In what guise is the land owned?  Under what conditions is the land owned?  There are a few things I think the Council needs to know!  Who owns it?

McCann and the Parish Clerk professed not to know the answers.

Harrison and Senior were Mute, as usual.  Even Weeds in the Council Vegetable Patch should leave some mark of their presence!

With such a shameful performance, caught on film for everybody on YouTube to view, I was left with the feeling that those four Councillors were taking the piss out of the residents.

To Hemingbrough Parish Council (Page 2 of 2)

Dear Chairman Drew 

The Whiff of Shady Dealings shrouds Hemingbrough Parish Council.

I request the Parish Council finally resolves all issues surrounding the public land registered as a Village Green known as Hagg Lane Village Green. I request Councillors without personal interests vote on a motion to return the Green to Parish Council control and public examination.

Some Councillors are flouting openness and transparency rule that came into force after Parliament abolished the Standards Board.

Openness and transparency on personal interests September 2013” instructs Councillors about duties set up by the Localism Act 2011. Parliament introduced some national rules to give the public confidence that Councillors everywhere are putting the public interest first. Councillors must adopt a code of conduct that complies with the ‘Seven Principles of Public Life’ commonly called the ‘Nolan Principles’.

Councillors are required to “disclose and register your pecuniary and your other interests.”

Nolan’s Integrity Principle says Councillors must not be obligated to organisations that might influence them in their official duties. If they are, they must put an end to the matters.

Records say the Hemingbrough Hagg Lane Conservation Group is an autonomous, unincorporated body completely separate from the Parish Council. Four Councillors are long-serving Members of the Hagg Lane Steering Committee: M Senior (Chairman) K McCann, G Harrison and N Pickering. Those four Parish Councillors know the Parish Agenda they will discuss two nights after their monthly Group meetings.

A publicity photograph shows R Drew was campaigning with the Group for election to the Parish Council in May 2011. That means a Council cabal including Chairman and Vice-chairman could be obligated to an outside organisation steered by four Councillors. The Council records show how often that cabal votes together.

The entirety of that Hemingbrough Village Green is owned by a Public Body. It is registered with North Yorkshire County Council as a Village Green. Developments benefitting residents and their children were largely inspired and funded by lottery grants of £55,000 to the Parish Council.

Parish Council discussions in September 2014 referred to “shady dealing” involving “large sums of money” from Lottery Funds. Handing VAT cheques to the Hagg Lane Group which was not VAT registered was mentioned. Councillors accepting “It was wrong, wrong, wrong” do not suggest openness and transparency.

Councillors admitting they don’t own the village green when grant applications say they do is skulduggery. 

Sunday, 16 November 2014

With just One Click, Vice-chairman Councillor McCann .......

....... you can check the credentials of the Hemingbrough Parish Council Grass Cutting Contractor, if you want to, that is!

Google ‘George Fillingham Tree Surgeon’, Click Once and you get Fillingham & sons

With just One More Click, Councillor McCann, you get  

Tree Surgeon/s based in and around Yorkshire and Lincolnshire
Fully qualified and certificated climbers, .....

With just Two Clicks, Councillor McCann, the Parish Council would have been spared your whingeing, but then maybe you didn’t want to ‘know’ in October what you had been told in August?  

So, Councillor McCann, now you know Hemingbrough Parish Council’s Grass Cutting Contractor is a fully qualified and experienced TREE SURGEON.

In which Vice-chairman Kenny McCann promotes the interests ....

... of his fellow independent Hagg Lane Green Conservation Steering Group Member, Mark Bell, a Tree Surgeon, for paid Parish Council work.  That Group is chaired by Martin Senior.  

[Editorial:  Is that proper conduct by a Parish Council Vice-chairman?]

Parish Council Agenda.  October 2014
“9. To receive information on the following on-going issues and decide further action where necessary.     b) Tree Works”

[Editorial:  August Parish Council.  All is not as it appears to the casual observer.  ‘Mark’ and ‘George’ are code words for the Hagg Lane Green Conservation Group and the Councillor Chilvers & Strelczenie’s Group respectively.  Councillors McCann and Senior, sitting where they can signal to each other, want Mark Bell to do the Parish tree work.  He is part of the Conservation Group Steering Group. 

In August, Strelczenie told McCann that Council Contractor Fillingham is a Tree Surgeon who does work for the East Riding, and Chilvers reminded McCann that is was bad Parish Council practise to split work between two Contractors.

In the absence of Council Chilvers, here it is again!]

YouTube Video Click here to listen in

or just read the transcript below.

Vice-Chairman Councillor Kenny McCann.   I was at a bit of a loss as to why he (Parish Council Contractor G Fillingham) has come back with an answer like that.  I suppose it’s his opinion, yet when he went and looked at the other trees that were splitting wide open and we said they needed some work he didn’t even mention that, so I’m just a bit concerned that you know his ... (stop)

Councillor Jan Strelczenie.  Which trees are them?

Councillor Kenny McCann.  The two in the Land with No Name where he went ... (stop)

Councillor Jan Strelczenie.  I don’t think he got chance because didn’t you send Mark Bell ... (stop)

Councillor Kenny McCann.  No

Clerk.  No, he went down originally, didn’t he, and he took a few branches off and then the resident wanted more work to be done.

Councillor Kenny McCann.  He went down and took some overhanging branches off, then we got a call from the owner of the land err house adjoining, and he wasn’t happy with the work he had done and he had done some investigations himself and thought the trees were in a state that needed much more then we consulted Mark Bell whose a qualified and registered Tree Surgeon with suitable qualifications.  He told us they needed to come out because of reasons and, err, em, and then we’ve gone and asked George Fillingham to look at it again and as the Clerk quite rightly said in a previous meeting that George Fillingham is our Grass Cutting Contractor, err, we don’t employ him as a Tree Surgeon.    

Councillor Jan Strelczenie.  He’s a qualified tree surgeon, George, he’s exactly the same.

Councillor Kenny McCann.  No.  I’m not sure.  I don’t know what qualifications he’s got.  Why would he put the grass qualifications to us when he took up the grass cutting contract?  It was just for grass cutting.  I don’t think he gave us any risk assessments or anything for tree surgeon work, did he, or any insurances.  I mean do we even know if he has any insurance for tree surgeon work?

[Editorial:  With just One Click see above!!!]

Councillor Jan Strelczenie.  We could always ask him, if that’s the case.

Clerk.  I always check the Policy.  He always gives us a copy of his insurance every year

Councillor Kenny McCann.  The reason I got Mark Bell in was because we’d had George look at it, you know, he’s our Handyman/Grass Cutter, isn’t he, and, you know, he went and he looked at it and didn’t see the dangers that Mark Bell did and Mark Bell suggested that they come down.  Not urgent, not straight away, but before long they were evidently going to split because of a split where the trees fork and that’s why he took them down

[Editorial: So, it was McCann who "got Mark Bell in"]

Chairman Councillor Richard Drew.  It’s always a question when you get trees that fork, and people say they are going to split.  They sometimes split.

[Editorial: Sometimes split?]

Councillor Kenny McCann.  The other problem is tree works to trees that don’t need it doesn't do them any good!  The reason those trees down on Landing ? Lane needed the work doing was because we’ve done work to them before [unintelligible] We’d crown lifted them ourselves when we went and did the work, mistakenly, and we even made one into what we called a ‘lollipop’  by removing the lower branches so that the line would work again. We did it because the Parish Council decided to do a Work Party and we thought we were doing right but once you get professional advice then you see the errors of your ways and I’m just concerned that we don’t want to (intelligible) to those trees.  I don’t want to have the loss of those trees.

Councillor Richard Drew.  Someone needs to meet up with him (George) again and look at exactly what we want to do and to see which trees he’s actually talking about.
Councillor Kenny McCann.  Yes I know there are Oak trees there
Councillor Richard Drew.  Like I say, there’s more than one.
Clerk.  Would you like a Second Opinion then, Ken? Would that help you?

[Editorial:  Where did that suggestion come from?  Was it an agreed interjection before the meeting?  Drew was talking about Fillingham.]

Councillor Kenny McCann.   Well, I would, yes, but that depends on how the rest of the Council feels.  

[Editorial: Yeah, yeah, yeah!]

Councillor Senior.  I agree (then unintelligible because his hand was covering his mouth)

[Editorial:  Amazing.  The famous ‘Mute Newt’ who chairs the Hagg Lane Green Steering Group on which Mark Bell sits, actually said something and mumbled the rest.  I can imagine a scene at the Hagg Lane Conservation Group meeting a day or two before when a plan is concocted and Senior says ‘I’m not speaking if Chilvers is there.’ ‘It will be OK, he will be absent’ ‘I’m still not speaking if he’s there!’]     

Councillor Jan Strelczenie.  Well, it’s like I said as far as I’m aware George is a qualified Tree Surgeon, that’s his job.  He works mostly for the East Riding.  The only reason he has been employed to cut trees for us is because of the simple fact it’s been handy, he’s been there, he’s worked for us on a regular basis cutting grass.  As far as I’m concerned I think the £160 for the work he’s doing on the oak trees is perfect.  It’s not a problem.

[Editorial:  As Chair of the Selby Branch of the Parish Council’s Professional Adviser, he knows his stuff, as he had told them in August!]    

Councillor Kenny McCann.  I agree with you Jan BUT I’m just concerned that when we have employed him in the past, and then as the Clerk explained, the house holder next door did some research into it and then contacted the Clerk again because he wasn’t happy with the work that had been done and didn’t think it had satisfied, you know, what he wanted doing, and then when we got someone else (Mark Bell) to have a look at it and came up with a totally different answer.  I have had no reason to question his work in the past it just that once you’ve made a wire(?) of something we could have quite happily gone on in the assurance from the man who had done the work there was nothing wrong with the tree and it could have fallen down and when it was explained to me where it would fall there were two branches that would fall there were two branches that would have fallen one would gone through somebody’s greenhouse and the other one would have gone into this gentleman’s garden and he had children playing in the (unintelligible). It raises my concerns that something was missed.

Councillor Senior.  You think a second opinion would be a wise thing to have in any case.

[Editorial:  Amazing.  A Mute Newt Speaks again.  Another Senior remark!]

Councillor Richard Drew.  It seems like it.  It can’t do any harm.  It’s a reasonable precaution.

Clerk.  Is there a Proposer and Seconder for that then?

Councillor Richard Drew.  I’ll propose that.  Somebody second that? Martin (Councillor Senior)!  Mr Bell for a second opinion.

[Editorial:  McCann sets it up, Senior talks twice, Drew proposes it and Senior seconds it.  Drew, McCann and Senior campaigned together for election to the Parish Council.  They often vote in unison.  Councillor Harrison, another Member if the campaigning gang, as usual, said nothing.]   

Clerk.  He’s the only other Tree Surgeon that’s worked for us before.

Councillor Richard Drew.  That’s ‘Trees Works’ out the way for the moment.

[Editorial:  It will be back before long!]

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

To Hemingbrough Parish Council (1)

Dear Chairman Drew

Parish Council transcripts show there are significant gaps in your knowledge and understanding of the ‘Hagg Lane Green’ issues.  They also document Councillors recently talking about “shady dealings” and wrongdoing.  When Councillors and Clerk refuse to reply to questions and Freedom of Information Act requests from residents you know they have something to hide.  The ‘Hagg Lane Green’ issues have been running through Parish Council business like a suppurating sore for a long time.  It is time to stop this nonsense, but especially before recently co-opted Members are inadvertently tarnished and unintentionally blamed for ‘the Council’s majority view’.         

There follows overleaf my proposal for the Council to resume control of the Hemingbrough Village Green owned by a public body and registered in the name of Hemingbrough Parish Council.  My proposal calls for the Council to finally resolve outstanding issues which include the questions below.  Without doubt, Councillors will have their own vital issues to add to the list.

Do all Parish Councillors accept the Hagg Lane Village Green is registered in the name of Hemingbrough Parish Council?

Do Parish Councillors not belonging to the independent Hagg Lane Green Conservation Group Steering Group want that registered Village Green directed, controlled and maintained by an independent group that includes four of their own Members with no public Audit of Accounts and no public oversight on behalf of Hemingbrough Parish Council now?

Do Parish Councillors not belonging to the independent Hagg Lane Green Conservation Group want the four Parish Council Members of that Group Steering Committee to continue promoting in Council one of its own Steering Group Members in preference to the Council’s own contractor? 

Do the Parish Councillors not belonging to the independent Hagg Lane Green Conservation Group Steering Group want Hemingbrough Parish Records to continue to harbour a bogus Conservation Group Constitution that must stand up in a Court of Law?

Do Parish Councillor’s accept the Hagg Lane Village Green Constitution drawn up by Selby District Council Solicitor Mr P. Burns as a legally binding document that was agreed and accepted by the Parish Council on 17th March 2005 when it was considered “to be fine”?

Does any Parish Councillor or the Clerk have a copy of the letter from an unnamed Solicitor described by Councillor K. McCann at the September 2014 Hemingbrough Parish Council stating the Hemingbrough Hagg Lane verges/ponds etc have no known owner?

Do Parish Councillors require Councillor K. McCann to place a certified copy of that so-far unseen letter about a Parish Council registered village green in the Hemingbrough Parish Council files that will be available to the public?

What has happened to the “Hagg Lane Green Conservation Project” Parish Council Lloyds Bank Account recorded in the minutes of the Parish Council?  Is the account still active, and if so, who is accessing it now?  Did the Parish Council close that bank account, and if so, where and when did the Council minute that action?

... /over

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Hemingbrough Parish Council gags acquiescent Clerk

Chairman Drew and Vice-chairman McCann bring the competency of the Parish Clerk, Mrs. Julie Leighton-Eshelby into public question by insisting that all correspondence with the Parish Council must be debated by all Councillors before she can reply to even the most innocuous enquiry.

For example, Councillors Drew and McCann (the others were not given any option!) want (???) to debate whether Hemingbrough Parish Council owns the land referred to as ‘Granny Darley’s Green’ in the Grant Application for £10,000’ written by Mr. Kenny McCann, from ‘The Big Lottery Fund’.  

Surely the Clerk is competent to answer my simple question ‘Do you own it?’ without a debate (although it may be that she does not have the Council records as they are kept by the independent Hagg Lane Green Conservation Group Steering Committee). 

I image the Councillors’ debate will be whether they should lie to me or not answer at all.  We will find out in November when their debate can be filmed, photographed and recorded and put on YouTube.  I wonder what the Yorkshire Local Councils Associations (YLCA) will make of all this?

Maybe my next question should be why was the £10,000 Grant Notification of Award for Hemingbrough Parish Council sent from ‘The Big Lottery Fund’ to “Mr. Kenneth McCann” (as he styled himself in the grant application) at his home address instead of the Hemingbrough Parish Clerk at the Clerk’s Home Address which is always the proper place for Council correspondence.

Are Drew and McCann sure they want to have all questions debated by the full Parish Council in public session?  As the television comedian Jimmy Cricket would say “And there’s more!”    

How about Who and why was it “agreed that the £10,000 grant received from Breathing Place for the ‘Granny Darley’s Field’ project should be transferred into the Hagg Lane Green Conservation Group account and a cheque was signed over”.  According to Parish Council records that Group had been independent of the Parish Council from the year before and under the Chair of Martin Senior (also a Parish Councillor).  And for a supplementary question, What were the VAT complications? 

I am beginning to understand why Councillor Chilvers said “Now you know as much as I do that there were shady dealings with this” at the September 2014 Council meeting. 

Chairman’s (Drew) Opening Remarks. (October 2014) Very briefly.  Just to reiterate the Council’s Policy on communications with the Clerk.  All letters mail whatever form should be addressed in the first instance to the Clerk who will bring them all to the next Council meeting and the Council as a whole will decide on an appropriate answer to the correspondence.  There seem to be some questions marks over this sometimes when the Clerk should answer directly.  We do not want the Clerk to answer things directly because we want to know what is being said on our behalf.  Obviously she wouldn’t say anything, the right things I’m sure, but nevertheless it should be our reply not the Clerk’s personal reply so all correspondence will be dealt with in that way.  It will all come here and we will discuss it at the next appropriate meeting.  That’s all I’ve got to say on that.

Note: Is the former Clerk, Brian Hopper, chuckling to himself as he recalls telling me Parish Councillor’s (mostly the same bunch of wasted space) are frightened of me because they are too stupid to recall what lies they had already told me. :-))

Monday, 27 October 2014

Councillors Drew & McCann playing Silly Buggers with Village Great War Memorial!

“That’s bloody silly” remark by Drew emphasises the contempt the Council Chairman and Vice-chairman have for Hemingbrough Residents.   

It was a simple proposition.  The Parish Council should make a significant financial contribution from its very large reserves to the Memorial Rose Garden initiative that will replace the derelict Service Station at the village entrance.   
“I hereby give you notice that a meeting of Hemingbrough Parish Council will be held in  Hemingbrough Village Institute on Thursday 16th October 2014 commencing at 7.30pm. All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend to consider and resolve the business to be transacted at the meeting as detailed in the agenda below.
13. Advice of correspondence received, and decide on action to be taken, where appropriate: - c) Resident – Note receipt of donation request to PHHHS.”

After Councillors McCann, Wilkinson, Senior, Harrison, Pickering and Drew blocked a proposal for a Memorial to the Great War of 1914-1918 from becoming a Parish Council initiative without offering any formal explanation they have had ample opportunities to support the 400+ local residents who favoured the Rose Garden

Councillors Chilvers, Strelczenie, Kinsella and Procter have gone to great lengths to ensure residents have been kept up to date with progress with their plan.

As Councillors reached the Donation Request item on the agenda, Councillors Strelczenie, Kinsella and Procter left the meeting (Councillor Chilvers was not present that evening) as they should do when the Councils debates financial matters in which they have an interest.  Their correct action was in marked contrast to McCann and his ‘Mute Newts’ staying in meetings for a vote on their Hagg Lane ‘Maintenance Grant’.

Instead of McCann, Drew, Harrison, Senior (and the bemused new Councillor co-opted that evening, so he can be excused) considering the formal donation request they criticised the Councillors waiting outside the room for a decision.

“That’s bloody silly. Pardon my French!” snapped Drew.  As Harrison and Senior kept quiet in their usual ‘Waste-of-Space’, Mute Newt, Vegetable mode, McCann and Drew carried on a conservation about “There’s a lot we don’t know” “Who owns the land?” “Under what conditions is the land owned?” “Who owns it?  I don’t know” “We were hoping we could have had some answers from the Members of the group” “Give us more information on the ownership” “We need them to be prepared to explain everything!” “They don’t have to explain anything if they don’t want to”   

Why, Oh Why, Oh Why didn’t the other silly Councillors or the ineffectual Clerk remind the two stupid old men that less than one hour before they had all agreed the “MINUTES OF MEETING OF HEMINGBROUGH PARISH COUNCIL HELD IN HEMINGBROUGH INSTITUTE ON THURSDAY 18th SEPTEMBER 2014.  14/131 RECEIVE UPDATE FROM PHHHS REPRESENTATIVE ON HEMINGBROUGH COMMUNITY PROJECTS:-

Councillor R Procter advised that the PHHHS has taken ownership of the Hearthstone Filling Station through a newly formed company PHHHS Community Interest Company who have full public liability and an operative bank account.

PHHHS intend to demolish the filling station and create a Memorial Garden to commemorate the Centenary of the First World War and also to remember the deceased of all wars from Hemingbrough and the surrounding area.

Councillor Procter also reported that the PHHHS are also to commence work in the Old Ways to tidy up old course of the river Ouse, open up the ponds, create pathways and provide tables and seating.”   
The Clerk gives Councillors the Agenda three full days before the Council meeting so they can prepare themselves to transact the business of benefit to the Residents.  McCann, Drew, Harrison and Senior can’t even be bothered to familiarise themselves with the Council paperwork.

Did McCann, Drew, Harrison, Senior or Pickering bother to turn up at the Open Meeting with representatives of the two village churches and residents to hear Robert Procter’s excellent presentation of the project? NOT ONE OF THEM TURNED UP!

Did those same Councillors even bother to look up the project details on the Village Forum website?  Obviously not!

Were they listening to Councillor Procter at the September Council when he gave them lots of information in September and left a copy of his report with the Clerk?  Obviously not!

I have never seen or heard such utter contempt for the efforts of other Councillors from a majority faction of our elected parish representatives.

The Parish Council has still not joined the list of benefactors including local organisations and residents.  The fault lies with Councillors McCann and Drew, with Harrison, Senior and Pickering contributing nothing, as usual.

Friday, 17 October 2014

October Parish Council (2)

Credit where credit's due

Councillor Strelczenie, under the watchful eye of the camcorder, camera and voice recorder has morphed from years as a Gobby, Bullying, Belligerent, Prat of an ex-Pit Deputy Councillor with a big stick to a reasonable Parish Councillor making helpful comments. 


Well done Eric Pickles M.P. for transforming Parish Councils with new national rules to return Power to the People.  The nucleus of Councillors Procter, Chilvers and Strelczenie could bode well for the next Parish Council after the May 2015 elections. 

The Village can’t be doing with waste-of-space Mute Newts like Councillors Harrison and Sedman, or the less than part-time, frequently absent, Mute Newt Pickering.  We need action people fulfilling pledges to put Residents first instead of putting their private hobbies foremost and lobbying for friends, like McCann’s sustained ‘support’ for the Hagg Lane Green Tree Surgeon which was embarrassing to listen to last night. (More later)

You have to be there to believe it!

October Parish Council (1)

Poor Children, having to sit through that!
After September 2014 Councillors’ indiscreet Allegations & Admissions were captured on Video, Clerk brings two young Children to Meeting and insists on sitting them where they will appear in filming of Parish Council under new national rules, despite availability of out-of-view, unoccupied seats close by the other end of the table in Clerk’s direct view while Vice-chairman McCann asks for filming of the entire meeting to be abandoned as he thinks I have ‘enough film of them in action’.  One Child moves out of view before the start to everyone’s satisfaction.   

Will McCann suggest November and December meetings be conducted by a single candle light as Christmas approaches?  Obviously Councillors have much to hide after last month’s allegations of “Shady Dealings” “There were large sums of money involved” “You Councillors over-ruled me.  Why do you think I walked out of your Hagg Lane Group?” “Well, that was entirely false” etc.

The Parish Council Chairman, floundering as usual, looks like he wants to be anywhere but in the Chair as he forgets all about the Residents’ Open Forum, that Council Agenda is already on website and has been for years, etc ....... he should be at home in bed, or in the pub.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Hemingbrough Village suffering a plague of rats

Selby Times, 16 October 2014

Hemingbrough Village suffering a plague of rats

Dear Editor

The growing plague of common rats at Hagg Lane Green is a health hazard, especially for children.  Seeing the rodents in daytime confirms there are large numbers in this area where children also play and walkers exercise their dogs.

 My main concern is for the children who could be exposed to rat excreta.  These rats are getting fatter and breeding faster as they feast on the seeds stored behind the nearby Barnsley Loft buildings.  The twelve 500kg seed bags that have been there for a considerable time are being ripped open by these rodents. 

Early last Sunday morning a large bird of prey was seen at Hagg Lane Green hunting rats for its breakfast.  That might be a pretty sight for some but it’s really a sign of the big problem we have here.

I believe the Hagg Lane Green Conservation Group which installed and manages the boardwalks on the surrounding land should stage a clean-up of the area. 

I and other residents have noticed increasing numbers of dead rats around the local ponds and this suggests all is not well in the rat colony.

It’s all very well conserving wildlife, but we must protect the village’s children now.

Vic Parkin