The new Parish Council met in the Village Institute on 21st May at 7.30 p.m. It was the first opportunity to see what you voted for. Looks promising!

Friday, 17 June 2016

Parish Council has nothing whatsoever to do with the Community Hall

Admission that will shock residents.

Council Chairman Jan Strelczenie invites his Deputy to tell the Council what’s going on at that independent working group that includes three Members of the Parish Council (Procter, Davidson & Carstairs) not wearing their Council hats who hadn’t briefed their eight Council colleagues about probably the most important community project concerning Hemingbrough Village until prompted to do so at the Council’s Annual Meeting in May despite an election pledge of “committed to working together for the community”. (16 June 2016)

Some Members of this Council need to remember the pledges that earned them votes.  

(To be continued)

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Your May 2015 Hemingbrough Parish Council

We wish them Good Luck
"A bit of a squeeze round the Council table"

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Sunshine at last.

I changed the colour scheme of the Bear Garden Blog after the election results were declared to match what I thought was a new mood of optimism.  Tonight’s Parish Council was exactly how it should be, with courtesy, consideration and the promise of progress.

The experienced Jan Strelczenie was unanimously elected Chairman of the Council with Bob Proctor also unanimously elected as the Vice-chairman.

You could hear the sucking in of breath when the Clerk revealed the past Parish Council chaired by Richard Drew and Kenny McCann had left +£54, 000 in the bank (31 March 2015).  As one person muttered, the ‘Mute Newts’ did nowt for residents, so spent nowt!

Chinese proverb

"Those who play the game do not see as clearly as those who watch."

I would like to reassure Councillors, especially the new ones that my cameras are not meant to embarrass or inhibit you and that when honest mistakes happen, you will not be blogged.
They can carry your good work into local homes, and that is to your benefit.  I hope you will forget the cameras are there, but do remember the Councillor who gave his partner self-serving versions of what goes on at Council meetings, then she saw differently when watching YouTube.

The cameras see far more than you can.  They see, for example, the numerous interventions of the visiting Councillors without the Chairman’s invitation, especially when sensitivities flourish.  They highlight people playing silly buggers and deviating from the well-known national rules, and are a public record of fact and continuity.  They can  improve the quality of meetings for Councillors and residents.

Watch a smart-mouthed Chairman and a Clerk with years of ‘experience’ still not sure in April 2015 of a basic ‘Named Vote’ rule she has used many times before!  This is unacceptable.   

Hemingbrough Parish Council became one of the first Councils in England to experience the new arrangements when I walked into the meeting on 21 August 2014, after a two-year absence, with a camcorder, camera, voice recorder and tripod.

The silly games of previous years were over!  If Councillors want to bugger about, their antics can be blogged and broadcast on YouTube and Twitter before they go to bed that night.  Thankfully, the new arrangements started a new era so everything that had gone before can be ‘water under the bridge’, if people are so inclined.

One experienced old warhorse was sufficiently concerned by my camcorder he told a local meeting how inhibited he felt.  There was no need, as long as he acted reasonably and accepted that Council Meetings are for the benefit of both Councillors and Residents. 

It is unacceptable, for example, for residents wanting to hear the session on local planning applications to be confronted by a cacophony of chatter and laughter from Councillors when they must keep quiet themselves.  It is even worse when visiting Councillors wander round making tea and chatting to their mates and the odd resident.  They would not try that in Selby District Council meetings.  Why did the Hemingbrough Chairman and Clerk allow it? 

Our Parish Council meeting is not a drop-in cafe.  It is the first tier of local government spending our money.  A competent Chairperson and a knowledgeable Parish Clerk should be there to guide and help - if they do not, they will be on YouTube and Twitter.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Well done, Hemingbrough

Democracy is alive in our village.



Brayton, Hambleton, Hemingbrough, Selby (North), Selby (South) Selby (West)


Parishes where there were fewer Candidates than available seats so everyone putting forward their name was ‘elected’ without a contest!

Acaster Selby, Appleton Roebuck, Balne, Barkston Ash, Barlby (Bridge), Barlby (Osgodby), Barlby (Village), Barlow, Beal, Biggin, Bilbrough, Bolton Percy, Brotherton, Burn, Burton Salmon, Byram Cum Sutton, Camblesforth, Carlton, Cawood, Chapel Haddlesey, Church Fenton, Cliffe, Colton, Cridling Stubbs, Drax, Eggborough, Escrick, Fairburn, Gateforth, Grimston, Heck, Hensall, Hillam, Hirst Courtney, Kelfield, Kellington, Kirk Smeaton, Kirkby Wharfe with North Milford, Little Smeaton, Long Drax, Monk Fryston, Newland, Newton Kyme Cum Toulston, North Duffield, Riccall, Ryther Cum Ossendyke, Saxton Cum Scarthingwell, Selby (St James), Sherburn In Elmet, Skipwith, South Milford, Steeton, Stillingfleet, Stutton with Hazlewood, Tadcaster (East), Tadcaster (West), Thorganby, Thorpe Willoughby, Towton, Ulleskelf, Whitley, Wistow, Womersley.

Hemingbrough Parish Council Election - May 2015 - Results

4 Year term.  11 Council Seats.  15 Candidates

CARSTAIRS, Elizabeth    545 Votes
CHILVERS, Roland Bernard   460
TERRY, Keith William   443
STEBBINGS, Leslie John 442
HARRISON, Glenis Mary 414
PROCTER, Robert         397
DAVIDSON, Forbes Thomas   395
STRELCZENIE, Jan        393
SEDMAN, John Stephen  376
KINSELLA, Edward John 375
DREW, Richard Haldane 370
McCANN, Kenneth William   350 (Not Elected)
SENIOR, Martin Gregory 342 (Not Elected)
PARKIN, Victor William 323 (Not Elected)
PICKERING, Neil Charles      285 (Not Elected)

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Sunrise on Election Day in Hemingbrough

05:16 7 May 2015. 

Will it be a bright new day for the village?  Eleven Parish Council seats are at stake.

The choice seems simple from reading the election leaflets.

‘The Village Memorial and Oldways Crew’

Nine residents “Pledged to be of strong moral principles; honesty and decency in Parish Council Affairs with a programme for better Communication with residents, the Village Entrance, Village Memorial Garden, ‘Oldways’, using the Precept for Improvements and Services, Transport, Local Issues, Hagg Lane Green, Accountability, Consultation and Working Together”

The nine candidates “fully support the current Official Investigation into the Probity of the Parish Council dealings with the Hagg Lane Green Group.”  

Liz Carstairs, Roland Chilvers, Forbes Davidson, Eddie Kinsella, Vic Parkin, Bob Proctor, Les Stebbings, Jan Strelczenie, Keith Terry.

‘The Hagg Lane Green Group’

Six residents who controlled the Council proposals by their bloc voting for the past four years and who want “to run the Parish Council” for the next four years with not a single item of Improvement in their election literature, just a commitment “to keep the precept at the same level by using the reserves accrued” by their inaction.  

The Hagg Lane Green Group denied the Village Memorial Rose Garden even a tiny donation despite a formal request from a resident for them to do so!  Personal animosities got in their way. 

Glenis Harrison, ‘Part-time’ Neil Pickering, Ken McCann, John Sedman, Martin Senior, Richard Drew.