Wednesday, 13 September 2017

I think it’s a Resignation issue! (3)

Who are my affiliates?  

That is of no effing concern of anyone at Selby District Council or Hemingbrough Parish Council whom we pay to ensure free, fair and untainted elections.  

Yorkshire is not some African dictatorship, although some parish councillors may act like tin-pot dictators marching up and down village roads in search of a missing Bren light machine gun!   

Why did a Selby District Council employee confer informally with the Hemingbrough Parish Clerk naming 10 Hemingbrough residents who democratically and lawfully petitioned the District Council directly for a by-election, confirming my name was not on the list, asking if the Petitioners were affiliated with me, and offering the Clerk his thanks?

The Hemingbrough Parish Clerk, Mrs. Julie Leighton-Eshelby conferred with the employee informally as follows “Not again!!  Has this petition come from Mr Markham again by any chance?”   (NO, IT DID NOT, AND IF IT DID, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN NO BUSINESS OF YOURS OR YOUR FRIEND AT SELBY DISTRICT COUNCIL!) 

Leighton-Eshelby singled me out from 10 Petitioners for the June 2017 by-election.  She went beyond her official duties of implementing agreed Council decisions.  She circulated the names of Petitioners to Councillors by informal emails that may have been viewed by relatives and friends and may have fuelled the village gossip grapevine.  According to that village grapevine, the ruling Clique does not want anyone else from the Hagg Lane Green Group on the Council.  

This is what can happen for asking awkward questions or recording Council meetings.  It reminds me of the former professional Clerk saying Councillors were not smart enough to remember what lies they had already told, and the current Chairman publicly admitting he had lied, but not blatantly, when chairing a Council session.                 

I am assured Leighton-Eshelby did not circulate Petitioners’ names to all Councillors in the June 2017 by-election.        

By their actions, Leighton-Eshelby and her Selby Council friend could have damaged the integrity of the election announced on 4th September 2017.

For the record, I do not know Terence Cook, Peter Parish, Linda Moore, James Moore, Charles Rhodes, or Patricia Rhodes, all residents of Hemingbrough.  It is possible I may have said ‘Good Morning’ or some other pleasantry to any of them when walking through the village. 

I know of Keith Terry if he is the Parish Councillor I have filmed at Council meetings and have written to without reply when asking Councillors to stop Chairman Strelczenie bullying Councillor Chilvers in a ‘nasty’ way.  I have exchanged two short pleasantries with him before Council meetings.  

I spoke once to a Mr. Harrison, Market Gardener of Newhay, when we shared critical comments about the village Welcome Sign erected opposite his house some year ago.  I think he may be Peter Harrison, so I do not know a John Harrison of Hemingbrough. 

I know Roland Chilvers primarily as a Parish Councillor.  I believe his relatives own or manage the village convenience store.  I have filmed him being bullied in Parish Council meetings, while the Parish Clerk, the Council Vice-chairman (now resigned) and other Councillors did nothing to defend him despite the Council’s Standing Orders and the Councillors Code of Conduct.  I have ‘known’ Chilvers for some years, as we crossed swords to his disadvantage some years ago on Parish Council and Local Charity matters.  In recent years, Chilvers and I discovered we had mutual interests: Railway Locomotives, Photography, Family and Local History, and the National Health Service.  We consigned our earlier battles to history. 

I may recognise Marian Frank as a member of the St. Mary’s Church congregation.  I filled the post of Parochial Church Council Secretary at the request of the Vicar when he knew the Church was approaching an Interregnum and he needed my particular communication skills.  Ms. Frank was not a part of the Church Council.  I cannot recall any conversation with her.

I do not want the Petitioners tainted as affiliates of mine, when in fact they are not, or face retaliation from some elements of the Parish Council.

I have not yet identified the Selby District Council employee before a Complaint Procedure happens.  The Hemingbrough Parish Clerk’s name is available to anyone accessing the Council’s website.  Councillors, Council Employees and the public may be recorded by the public at open Council meetings.   

(To be continued … )