Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Why so suddenly?

Why did Vice-chairman of the Parish Council Bob Procter resign so suddenly in July 2017 after the Parish By-election in late June without any explanation for the Council or for those who elected him and expected him to do his best in the Council for all residents? 

It’s a shame he didn’t resign in June to save the costs of another election. 

When he campaigned for a seat on the Council and accepted a Leadership role, people expected him to deliver on his pledge “Committed to working together for the Community  - to facilitate the provision of a Community Centre for all.

His partner, Liz Carstairs, campaigned for a Council seat on the vision of “would like to see a Community Centre based in the village.”  Now Carstairs has resigned from the private company “Hall for Hemingbrough”.   

I thought they meant working within the Parish Council!  You will be hard pressed to find much about a Community Centre in the Council minutes for the past two years beyond Chairman Strelczenie saying Its nowt to do with t’Council, or something similar. 

Now I hear allegations that Councillor Davidson, another private ‘Hall for Hemingbrough’ company wallah, without his Parish Council Hat on, wants the Playing Fields Association to chip in their assets.  

Apparently, he didn’t have much to tell that Committee either.  Does he mean he wants the Cricket Field, reputed to be one in the finest in the local league, and the Bowls Club, to move elsewhere freeing up the existing playing field for residential development and generating lots of money?