Friday, 29 September 2017

Bullying is a universally abhorred, ‘black and white’ issue

Judge for yourself the calibre of private ‘Investigators’ appointed by Selby District Council to collect evidence and ‘investigate’ bullying allegations. Almost two months have gone by since the Council's Monitoring Officer appointed them.    

Lengthy video and sound recordings, not short YouTube clips, made openly and lawfully by two Hemingbrough residents can take you the heart of the Parish Council meetings. 

You can watch and listen to who said what to whom and in what tone, who sat silently studying their papers, fingernails or ceiling without coming to the aid of a colleague, who ignored the Council’s Standing Orders about the Code of Conduct. 

We voted for these people when they uttered fine pledges to get a seat on the Council. 

There Are None So Blind
As Those Who Will Not See!