Friday, 8 September 2017

I think it’s a Resignation issue!

If you are not yet plugged back into the village grapevine after the summer holidays, you may not understand the furore.

The Parish Clerk Mrs. Julie Leighton-Eshelby emailed Parish Councillors this week with 

the names of

Terence Cook,

Peter Parrish,

Keith Terry,

Linda Moore,

James Moore,

Charles Rhodes,

Patricia Rhodes,

John Harrison,

Roland Chilvers,

Marian Frank.

The Parish Clerk and a Selby District Council employee have been conferring “ ….. are the above affiliated with him?  Thanks.  By him, they mean “Me”, and that’s not just a supposition: they were foolish enough to refer to me by name.   

WTF has it got to do with either of them in their official roles?  WTF has it got to do with one faction on the Parish Council?             

The Clerk’s email means Councillors’ spouses, partners, friends, friends of friends, people who thought they were friends, but may not be now, may have seen her inappropriate correspondence.  Something caused village tongues to wag this week!  You may as well see what the Parish Clerk did.      

As the Clerk is thought to seek the Chairman’s permission for almost anything to do with the Council, the trail might lead to his door as well.  After all, he has been quizzing a member of the public who asked a question about grass cutting at a recent Council meeting – Did Markham put you up to it?  (The answer was NO!)  That was after Strelczenie suggested in Council that the respected Councillor Chilvers was taking instructions from me.

Strelczenie might be hearing voices.  After Selby District Councillors Deans and Arthur were talking in a recent formal Council session, Chairman Strelczenie accused Ken McCann and me of talking.  He also accused us of trying to blame the talking on the Selby Councillors.  We weren’t talking; we are not that stupid to give the volatile Chairman any excuse to rant about us.  

What was really stupid?  Forgetting I record every open Council meeting, openly and legally within national rules, and the Chairman is supposed to tell everyone at each meeting, and I post many clips on YouTube.  At least Councillor Arthur was honest and sensible enough to admit it had been the two of them talking.              

The next Council meeting is not until 21st September 2017.

I wonder if “sunshinebabe” will be there.     

(To be continued …. )