Sunday, 10 September 2017

I think it’s a Resignation issue! (2)

Interfering with the electoral process. 

Compromising the integrity of the Hemingbrough Parish Election.

I would be delighted if the Hemingbrough Residents named by the Selby District Council ‘Democratic  Services Department’ Employee in an email to Parish Clerk Julie Leighton-Eshelby  were “affiliated” (allied, united, joined, or associated) with me.

If they were, they would oppose the persistent bullying of Roland Chilvers at Parish Council meetings this year.  

They would be unlike Clerk Leighton-Eshelby who sat silently while volatile Chairman Strelczenie ranted on and on in front of the public, and my video cam, about his erstwhile political ally and friend.  They would be unlike Vice-chairman Bob Procter (now resigned, with no explanation for the Council) who stared at the ceiling.  They would be unlike two Councillors who seem to revel in anything that makes Chilvers uncomfortable, even doing his duty.  They would be unlike other cowardly Councillors who ignored my request to put an end to the public, nasty bullying.

I claim local M.P. Nigel Adams is allied with me as he has condemned YouTube video clips of Hemingbrough Council as “NASTY”.

I absolutely reject the actions of the unidentified person masquerading as that contacted the Democratic Services Department Employee by email, and then forwarded a copy to me.  That cowardly person addressed the anonymous email to the Employee by name and the only place where the Employee’s name is used is in the communication between Parish Clerk Leighton-Eshelby and Councillors

Somebody will identify the author in time, just as the Snakes that authored the scurrilous, anonymous website about Parish Council proceedings were identified.
Elections are formal events, governed by rules and regulations.
The Clerk and the Selby District Council Employee need to answer questions to avoid a cover-up:

If ten Hemingbrough residents, democratically and by right, petition the District Council for a local election, what official paperwork flows between the District Council and Parish Council?

When the Clerk heard about the petition, why did she confer with the Democratic Services Department Employee by informal email as follows “Not again!!  Has this petition come from Mr Markham again by any chance?

Why did the Clerk single me out from ten residents that included two Parish Councillors who petitioned for an election in June 2017 that was welcomed by Selby District Council?

Why does the Clerk, whom we pay to implement Council decisions and give advice to Councillors, and nothing else, meddle in Parish elections?

Why did the Employee respond to the Clerk by informal email with the names of the ten Petitioners, confirmation my name was not on the list, ask if the residents were affiliated with me, and offer his thanks?  

Why did the Employee meddle in a Parish Council election when the Democratic Services Group already knew about a complaint of bullying at Hemingbrough?   

(“To Democratic Services Group
The enclosed, sealed envelope contains my “Complaint of bullying by Jan Strelczenie, Chairman, Hemingbrough Parish Council” that I was authorised to submit by Gillian Marshall on Friday 14 July 2017.  I wrote it over last weekend, as she requested.)

Who at Selby District Council is collected details of my affiliates?

What right do both Clerk and Employee have to identify if the Petitioners are affiliated with me?

Will the Clerk’s circulation of the Petitioners’ names discourage any possible Petitioners from supporting any other candidate?

Does Selby District Council always inform the Hemingbrough Clerk of the names of all Petitioners, and in what form, and at what stage of the election are their names circulated to Councillors by the Clerk?

Why does the Selby Council ‘Parish election - Nomination paper” ask for only a Candidate’s Proposer and Seconder, and not all ten petitioners?    

Did the Employee inform the Clerk of all Petitioners’ names for the June 2017 Parish Council election? 

Did the Clerk circulate the names of all Petitioners for the June 2017 election to all Councillors on unsecured email addresses, and when?            

Who is Sunshinebabe who talks about “Village Gossip” within two days of the Clerk’s email?  Who uses Mail for Windows 10? (Not too many)

Will the inappropriate communications between Clerk and Employee, and Clerk and Councillors, compromise the integrity of the Hemingbrough Parish Election? 


(To be continued …. with my response to ‘Are they my affiliates’)