Friday, 18 August 2017

Let me be quite clear.

During an amicable conversation, the Clerk and I assured one another that there were no personal difficulties between the two of us.

Her problem is the fantasist Chairman.

Strelczenie arrived last night in a foul mood.  His first words to the Parish Clerk were “He’s recording you!”  He lives in a fantasy world. The Clerk didn’t need to check my phone to confirm he was imagining things again!  She knew I wasn't recording her.  

Strelczenie appears to be paranoid about being recorded.  Perhaps he hasn't forgotten the ten residents who reported him to Selby District Council when he admitted, as Chairman, he had lied to residents about a number of issues at the time of the Sewerage Works Planning Application. I must dig up the archives.         

The Clerk was willing to help me overcome my speech disability so my ‘voice’ would be heard and understood by the Council.  She was concerned my request for her to read aloud my statement in the Council’s ‘Parishioners Forum: 15 Minute Session (Extendable by agreement of the Council)’ “put her in a difficult position” in relation to the Chairman.  It is the bullying Chairman who puts her in a difficult position. 

She agreed to help when I said Hemingbrough Parish Council might become the first Council in Britain to become known for its continued unwillingness to help a resident with a well-known disability.

For the second month running, Strelczenie would not let the supposedly independent Clerk read out my statement.

Ken McCann stepped up and offered to read it for me. He’s not afraid of the Chairman.

Hemingbrough Parish Council is the first tier of Government in England.   Its record in 2017 has not been a good one.

Our Westminster MP Nigel Adams has viewed links to YouTube videos featuring bullying tactics at Hemingbrough, and regards what he has seen as “Nasty”,

The Council’s accounts for 2016-2017 have been challenged over a seven-year rolling contract with its largest contractor, and for building financial reserves “for the acquisition of Memorial Garden and ongoing maintenance costs” without a Council Resolution to do so,

A Council ‘Risk Management’ regime did not underpin a Resolution to transfer assets and financial risks of a private group to the Public Purse,

Councillors never identified the local archive of plans and specifications needed for a Risk Management assessment of the potentially costly transfer of assets from a private group,

The Clerk’s willing agreement to ensure my well-known speech disability did not stop my voice being heard by Councillors and the public at the Parishioners’ Forum in July 2017 was countermanded by the Chairman,   

Two residents were falsely accused in public of interrupting Council proceedings in July 2017 and trying to lay the blame on two Selby District Councillors,

And the Selby District Council Monitoring Officer, following initial assessment, has appointed ‘CH&I Associates’ to conduct an independent investigation of a complaint about conduct at Hemingbrough.

Hemingbrough Residents deserve better!

No wonder Strelczenie didn’t want residents to hear the dreadful state of our Parish Council under his bullying, so-called leadership.

The evening went downhill from there’ believe it, or not.  (To be continued)