Friday, 29 September 2017

“Do yer mind? Excuse me! Excuse me! Could you tell him to keep his mouth shut!”

An ‘Investigator’ asking anyone at the July 2017 Hemingbrough Parish Council what happened would get many different partisan opinions about fantasist Chairman Jan Strelczenie who forgets the video and audio recordings of his behaviour.   

None of the Councillors would have the guts to say they let the Chairman slag off a couple of residents while they sat in silence.  We know who they are.  

Watch the 38-second video on YouTube. 
Click the link below.

Earlier in the evening, the Parish Clerk agreed to help with my well-known speech disability, caused by a stroke, by reading my Question for the Public Forum so Councillors and residents would understand it clearly.

The Clerk showed my written question to Strelczenie who promptly marched over to my seat in the public gallery, literally threw my written Question back at me with the statement ‘I will not allow the Clerk to read it out’.

I didn’t argue with the Chairman as he appeared to be in an agitated, pressure-cooker state.  I asked the embarrassed Clerk if she had changed her mind while Strelczenie was telling her NOT to answer as I was recording her – an untruth Strelczenie repeated three times.  The Clerk declined my offer to check my Smartphone to verify who was speaking the truth.

Ken McCann offered the view that Hemingbrough Parish Council “must be the only Council in the land” that would not help a resident with a well-known disability.  

He offered to read out my question for me. 

The Question was, “The Parish Council has a variety of powers and duties that affect Hemingbrough residents.  Community Centres, Conference Centres and Halls are all under the remit of the Parish Council.  Will Vice-chairman Bob Proctor grant the Parish Council the courtesy of a full briefing on the “Hall for Hemingbrough” proposals or plans at its August meeting, so the public meeting planned for September or thereabouts can be informed of the agreed, majority view of our elected representatives at the same time?

Strelczenie was pissed off.