Friday, 25 August 2017

Fools, Horses and Peasants

Fishy Politics at Hemingbrough Parish Council

Why did experienced Parish Council Chairman Jan Strelczenie, who is experienced in YLCA matters of the correct and legal ways to conduct a Council, a leader of the Parish of Hemingbrough Historical Heritage Society (PHHHS) try to rush the transfer of the Memorial Garden into public ownership without Council due process?

Why did the Parish Council accounts for 2016/2017 include covert financing through the accrual of high reserves to pay for the transfer of the Memorial Garden to the public purse at paltry rates of bank interest without any Council Resolution or discussion of the financial and technical risks of doing so?

Why did Chairman Strelczenie vote AGAINST a Council Resolution in August 2017 that required the Council to conduct a Risk Analysis, as it is required to do, after PHHHS had made the Memorial Garden totally safe?

Why didn’t PHHHS share with Councillors the email sent on 30 June 2014 by the Senior Enforcement Officer of North Yorkshire Trading Standards, Lawrence Black, to Bob Procter, at that time an Officer of PHHHS and Parish Councillor, who would become Council Vice-chairman in May 2015, then resign suddenly from the Council without explanation, in July 2017?

Why didn’t PHHHS follow the recommendation of the Senior Enforcement Officer?

Why didn’t Council Vice-chairman Procter reveal to the Council and Public that North Yorkshire County Council had taken a charge of £3,387 against the Memorial Garden to recover the costs of filling the Petrol Tank with BritFoam if the property is sold, and had not been written off as Strelczenie claims?

Why didn’t Procter reveal the Enforcement Officer’s advice “IF THEY (three diesel tanks) ARE TO BE LEFT IN SITU COULD HAVE DEGENERATED TO THE POINT WHERE THEY MAY BE LEAKING”?

Why were all three Councillors who objected to the Strelczenie’s rushed transfer of ownership plan absent from the Tank Inspection Site Meeting of the Council or PHHHS? (It’s not certain whether it was a Council or PHHHS Inspection)? 

Why did Clerk Leighton-Eshelby, Chairman Strelczenie or Vice-chairman Procter not prepare an announcement of the Inspection for all Councillors at their Meeting the night before it?  

Why were those three Councillors, Chilvers, Terry and Harrison, kept away?

Why didn’t the experienced Clerk, Mrs. Julie Leighton-Eshelby, who clerks for a number of Councils, advise the Council that the Chairman should NOT vote on a Resolution in which he was wearing two hats, Council and PHHHS, when even experienced Council Watchers in the Public Gallery knew better BEFORE the vote?

Was this a conspiracy to delay the tied vote until the September Council?  Strelczenie could have a majority then to defeat the ‘Chilvers’ proposed Resolution that would be against  the PHHHS interests, but very much in the interests of Hemingbrough residents.  Ex-Chairman Drew will have returned with his ‘anti-Chilvers’ voting history, and Bob Procter’s (now resigned) Partner, Councillor Liz Carstairs may have returned to the Council after she missed the August Council without her apologies recorded by the Clerk?         

Why didn’t the Clerk Leighton-Eshelby tell Councillor Stebbings, a PHHHS Member, (one of only three remaining Members, I think, that defies the PHHHS Constitution and appears to be like Rats having left the sinking ship) shouldn’t vote on the same Resolution?

Why did Clerk Leighton-Eshelby only make public her concerns AFTER the Vote had taken place and Chairman Strelczenie had used his second vote to break a tie?

Why did the Fools, Horses and Peasants on Hemingbrough Parish Council not know enough about legal Council voting procedures?  WHY DID SOME VOTE WITH THE CHAIRMAN? Don't they know about Councils rules, or don't they care?

Something smells very fishy in Hemingbrough, and it’s not leaking diesel fuel!

Personally, I don’t trust this Council to abide by the rules or tell the truth.  If this was a backstreet Club, they could do what they want, but this is the first tier of Government in England.