Tuesday, 4 July 2017

An earful from the usually silent ‘Vegetable Patch’

Chairman Strelczenie got an earful in May 2017 from the usually silent Councillor Harrison.     
I think we do a lot behind peoples’ backs, spending money, and the people of the village know nothing about it

Continuing my theme of ‘Keeping residents in the dark’, on 30th April 2017 I wrote to the Clerk to the Council, Julie Leighton-Eshelby, who also clerks for Cliffe, Skipwith and Thorganby Parish Council Councils, I believe. 

After two months, she has not responded to my request about Hemingbrough Council’s application to acquire land at Hagg Lane Green by adverse possession so I could provide evidence to the Land Registry in support of the Council.  I have Land Registry’s approval to provide evidence.   

I don’t know if it was Leighton-Eshelby’s decision to refuse to take notice of or acknowledge, or disregard intentionally my request, or if it was a joint decision with Strelczenie, or his decision alone.  I imagine a body such as 'The Society of Local Council Clerks' (SLCC) would not condone such behaviour.

Behind their backs, out of their presence, without someone's knowledge, all sum up the Council’s sudden decision to exclude the public at their December 2016 meeting, even though no member of the public was present – a devious way of NOT writing minutes for the public to read.

Strelczenie confirmed later in an email the subject was the Hagg Lane Green Conservation Society and the adverse possession issue.