Monday, 3 July 2017

Council’s utter contempt for Hemingbrough residents

Utter Contempt?  The wilful disobedience to or open disrespect for the Rules or Orders of a Court or Legislative body.

In this case, the open disrespect by Hemingbrough Parish Councillors for the Rules and Standing Orders on Thursday, 18th May 2017 when Chairman Jan Strelczenie read out the Minutes of the 2016 Annual Parish Meeting, written by the Clerk to the Council, Mrs. Julie Leighton-Eshelby, and asked Councillors to make them legally acceptable in a Court of Law in England by agreeing the minutes just read out were a true and accurate record.

Chairman Strelczenie had read them out, Leighton-Eshelby had heard them, her own record, and Councillors L Carstairs, F. Davidson, R. Drew, G. Harrison, Vice-chairman R. Procter and L. Stebbings had given the appearance of listening and had signified they were true, while Councillor K. Terry had the grace to admit he could not remember.

Councillors agreed with Strelczenie and Leighton-Eshelby that the 2016 Annual Meeting in Hemingbrough had been a short one in the Village Institute with no Public present.

Two members of the Public gave Councillors enough rope to hang themselves - they could have attempted to correct the false, legal record - then interrupted the meeting to challenge the above Councillors and Clerk – the minutes, now legally true, assuming Strelczenie signed them as a true record, were WRONG! 

“Short” Meeting is open to debate, but members of the public were present, the meeting was long enough for one member of the public to read out a statement, the meeting was not in the Village Institute, it was in the Methodist Church Hall, and a resident has a film record to prove their utter contempt.          

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING ABOUT - obviously not about the 2016 Annual Meeting, not about the Council’s Rules and Standing Orders, not about their duties, not about the legal record and not about the residents?    

So far, those incorrect minutes, nor a legally approved, corrected version, have appeared on the Parish Council’s website.  There was no mention of them by the Chairman at the June 2017 Council.

Maybe the Chairman, Vice-chairman and Clerk to the Council hope this will go away.  No chance!