Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Summoned ….

….. to order someone to come to or be present at a particular place.

By Law, the ‘Proper Officer’ [ the Clerk] to the Council, summons Councillors to the Parish Council to transact Village business specified in the Agenda delivered to them at least three clear days before the meeting so they can form a view of specified matters.

At the June Council, the acting Clerk read out parts of the Internal Auditor’s latest report.  The Auditor criticised the Council, led by Chairman Strelczenie and Vice-chairman Procter for the last two years, for having ‘to high reserves’. 

In other words, the Council is putting OUR money in the bank, earning virtually no interest, instead of spending it on projects to benefit residents.

Earlier this year, Chairman Strelczenie admitted the Parish Council does not have any projects, underway or planned, to attract funds from housing developers active in Hemingbrough.  The Council has already lost such money.

In others words, either our Councillors are so bereft of ideas that statutory money available to the Council from local house builders for the benefit of residents is lost forever, or maybe Councillors are just too busy working on projects outside the Council and using Council connections as ways to bolster or protect those projects. 

Perhaps the statutory right of Residents to inspect and copy the Council’s financial papers will shed some light on matters.

To be continued, after the inspection.

Afterthought – Hemingbrough Council has a crap website that does nothing beyond specifying Councillors’ names and contact details, meeting agendas and minutes. For comparison, have a look at the Riccall Parish Council web site http://www.riccallparishcouncil.org.uk/

Two years ago, Vice-chairman Procter offered to improve the Council's website.  Maybe he has been too busy since then. The Council needs his skills, if he not too busy. Otherwise The Bear Garden Blog is the unauthorised channel into the heart of the Parish Council.