Sunday, 18 June 2017

How to really Piss People Off ....

... and become an excruciating embarrassment to Hemingbrough village in five minutes.

Jan Strelcnenie, Chairman of Hemingbrough Parish Council, went to the Selby District Planning Committee to emphasise how residents think the hazardous junction between School Road and the A63 will need safety measures if Planners and Councillors approve a housing development nearby.      

Strelczenie: “There are things going on in villages around Selby that (Selby District) Planners can’t cope with because they have no idea what they’re talking about. They may be good at Planning Applications but as regards different areas they have no idea what they’re talking about.  So I’ll go from that er … I’ll read out the prepared statement and you’ll probably get a gist of what I’m talking about.  

I have read the report that …garble point eight .... concerning twenty-one dwellings at School Road, Hemingbrough.  Whilst I’m sure the report may …garble … quite correct the person or persons putting them together have no idea of the place where they are actually describing. etc etc“

I hope Kelly Dawson, Senior Solicitor, Selby District Council tells her boss Gillian Marshall, Solicitor and Monitoring Officer, what Strelczenie is like when he is supposed to be on his best behaviour conveying local village concerns to a Planning Committee and Council Planning Officers hoping to gain their confidence and support.

After giving the Committee a detailed tour of the local Bus Services, including their onward connection at Goole and Selby, he ran out of time, and his microphone was turned off.

Here is Strelczenie’s Report to the Parish Council the following night.  

Strelczenie: "I put our case forward unfortunately we didn’t get anywhere.  It was a foregone conclusion anyway so the Application was approved."

}@]]@[&$!!!  His toe-curling performance made me feel embarrassed for the people of Hemingbrough.  Is THAT the best we have?  No wonder the the North Yorkshire County Councillor for this area describes our Parish Council meetings as a bun-fight when Strelczenie is in charge.

(Video available on request)