Tuesday, 4 April 2017

January, February, March 2017, STOP!

Roland Chilvers, the Father of the Parish Council, 
subjected to aggressive and critical attack by Council Chairman, again.

Why do cowardly Councillors listen to the Chairman haranguing another Councillor in front of his peers and the public?  Why does the Vice-chairman suddenly find the meeting room ceiling to be very interesting?  Are Councillors afraid of the Chairman turning on them?  Is that why they do nothing about the Bear Baiting?

Doesn’t anyone have the guts to put down a motion for courtesy from all Members at all times!  If this does not stop, now, Hemingbrough Parish Council and Selby District Council will find out what a Social Media campaign can do.     

Watch and listen as Councillors Les Stebbings, Keith Terry, Forbes Davidson, John Sedman, Bob Proctor, Liz Carstairs, Richard Drew, Glenis Harrison and Eddie Kinsella keep schtum in this YouTube Clip.

Chairman Jan Strelczenie’s attacks on his former political ally Roland Chilvers have become a feature of Parish Council meetings.  Maybe his hormones are playing up as the May 2017 Council approaches and he will be up for re-selection again?  Will the Vice-chairman challenge Strelczenie again?  Maybe the village grapevine about ‘cutting a deal’ is true.

What has Councillor Chilvers done to attract such anger?

Residents take their concerns to him as Father of the Parish Council with an unparalleled knowledge of the village and Council protocol.  They ask him to consider supporting their pleas for the Parish Council to discuss issues.   

One alternative is for them to speak at the Council’s Public Session when Chairman Strelczenie has been heard to bark “Next!” as they finish speaking.  Another possibility is to write to the Council before the Clerk assembles the agenda.  It is said that if the Chairman does not like the topic, the letter can be omitted from the Council record of “correspondence received” and nothing will said.

It is not surprising the approachable Councillor Chilvers has become a conduit for residents to approach the Council instead of them risking the ire of “Gobby” or “Two Planks”, as I have heard him called.