Thursday, 6 April 2017

Local Gang Warfare

The Conservative Party Candidate for 'South Selby Division' in next month’s election for a North Yorkshire County Councillor, Mike Jordan, appears to have won the support of the ‘HHLGCHE* Gang’.

The HHLGCHE Gang, which lost three long-serving Parish Councillors at the 2015 elections, is trying to stop Hemingbrough Parish Council gaining ownership of Hagg Lane Village Green so it can protect the registered open space for the benefit of all residents in perpetuity.  

Where does Councillor Harrison record her Gang’s opposition to the Parish Council Project?

Mike Jordan has supported Hemingbrough Parish Council very well during the past four years so it is surprising not to see either Chairman Jan Strelczenie or Vice-chairman Bob Procter featured in his list of proposer, seconder or assentors.  Surely, he deserves some public show of support from our local leadership just for sitting through the parish council meetings. 

Well done, Mike!  Keep up the good work by supporting the majority view of our elected Parish Council.             

*Hemingbrough Hagg Lane Green Conservation, Heritage & Education Project