Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Well Done, Hemingbrough

‘Good turnout, engaged the residents and raised the bar (in parish politics)’ according to a Selby District Council Official after the election.  

Results: 376 verified votes, turnout 26.8%
Mark Allitt 217 votes
Vic Parkin 159 votes

Both candidates deserve praise for putting forward their names and applying their energy in an excellent example of local democracy in which residents filled a casual Parish Council vacancy avoiding a dirty-deal co-option of a mate by a small clique of sitting Councillors.

The election of Mark Allitt of Orchard End, popular with the local sporting fraternity in particular, brings great opportunities. 

The Parish Council suffers from an absence of representation of what some long-term residents call ‘the in-comers in their posh house at t’other end of t’village’.  Most recent residents show little interest in village matters and rarely visit Parish Council meetings until they have a problem.  

The Village suffers from a flood of planning plans and applications that could turn plots and fields in the Orchard End, Mill Lane, School Road vicinity into Hemingbrough ‘New Town’ with increased burdens on roads, drainage, the school and other facilities.                

The Parish Council suffers from bullying, untruths, factionalism and absurd ‘Nodding Donkey’ Councillors ready to nod through as a lawful record the Parish Clerk’s flawed minutes of an Annual Parish Meeting.  

In a Council of eleven Members, residents cannot afford virtually silent, full- or part-time or curmudgeonly Councillors who contribute little in the poorly regulated, monthly bun-fight except for their personal embarrassment.  

The Council’s Auditor criticises the Council for banking too much money instead of spending it for the benefit of residents.  The Leaders, Strelczenie and Procter, do not have any plans for the Council to attract the Community Interest Levy payments from house developers.

All residents should welcome Mark’s election if his enthusiasm leads the Council away from its present course and ensures Council Planners and builders hear the Hemingbrough Voice.  His election should be a warning to those who promise much at election time and deliver virtually nothing.    

Well done, Mark, and well done Hemingbrough.