Wednesday, 7 June 2017

More evidence from the May 2017 Council filmed under the noses of the acquiescent Parish Clerk and the ‘I’m not saying anything’ Vice-chairman Bob Procter

For those uncertain about Council procedures - When a Proposal to do something is offered to Councillors, any Councillor may offer a Counter-Proposal which, if it gains a Seconder, must be voted on before the Proposal.

The experienced Parish Council Chairman Strelczenie used his 'authority' to shut down Councillor Roland Chilvers’ attempt to make a Counter-proposal and added his gratuitously offensive, personal remark in front the sheepish Councillors, the silent Vice-chairman and the hapless Clerk, yet again.  

I allege this bullying behaviour has been happening every month in 2017.  It damages our Council and is against the rules.  I sent You-tube links to Gillian Marshall, the Selby District Council Monitoring Officer so could see and hear what is happening.  I hoped she would offer ‘wise words’ to the Parish Council Chairman and Clerk to stop the offensive behaviour.  If she did, they were ignored.  Now she has received my formal complaint. 

How long does it take to end such behaviour when it is seen on a YouTube Video right there before your ears and eyes?                

The Parish Clerk is employed by the Council, under section 112 (1) of the Local Government Act 1972, to provide administrative support for the council's activities.  The Clerk must take instructions from the Council as a body.  The Clerk is not answerable to any individual Councillor - not even the Chairman!   

No ‘one’ Councillor can act as line manager of the Clerk - not even the Chairman!  The Clerk must advise Councillors on correct “procedures” at every meeting, if necessary, and act to uphold them.

The Council and Residents must be confident that the Clerk is, at all times, independent, objective and professional.

Things are not well as Hemingbrough Parish Council, as can be seen by the video-cam evidence.