Wednesday, 14 June 2017

An Election Leaflet went on the Shop notice board today.

Vic Parkin is asking for backing having secured the support of Village Elders, long-term residents and Independent Parish Councillors Keith Terry and Roland Chilvers.

He has shown a keen interest in the Council having sat regularly in the public seats for the last two years.  Special interests irritate him and he believes Councillors should fight to represent all residents, not have special interests elsewhere in the village, nor serve for self-gain. 

He does not serve the special interests of the ‘Hagg Lane Green Society’, the ‘Parish History Society’ nor the ‘Hall for Hemingbrough Group’, nor does he have any personal interests in any of the new estate planning applications.

Two years ago, fed up with the vast Hagg Lane Rat Colony gorging on waste food on neighbouring land, that many people knew about but ignored for months, he involved the Press, which put a rocket under Councillors and the Hagg Lane Green Conservation Group to clean up the problem.