Thursday, 15 June 2017

An Effing Calamity


The remarks made by Hemingbrough Parish Council Chairman Jan Strelcenie to the Selby Planning Committee on 14 June 2017.

The Committee considered applications including 60 and 150 dwellings at Sherburn, 133 dwellings added to 100 dwellings at Barbly, and “up to 21 dwellings at School Road, Hemingbrough.

Councillor J. Cattanach chaired the Committee professionally with the expected formality of Council meetings, which contrasted with the usual “bun-fight[ii]” at Hemingbrough.  Speakers would have five minutes after which the microphone would be turned off.  Warnings would be displayed.

The Committee met in an atmosphere of Selby District Council having conceded in appeal[iii] it needs to find locations to meet a strategic 5-year housing land supply.

Hemingbrough Parish Council strongly objects to the application “unless significant road improvements are carried out.[iv]”  All other Consultees, including ‘Highways’, had assented to it.

Hemingbrough Residents are concerned other applications, such as that in the Orchard End, Mill Lane area will compound the problems at the School Road junction with the A63.

Residents expect Strelczenie to have strong, positive, professional, working relationships with the Planning Committee Chairman and Planning Officers.  Hemingbrough representations must be respected, and must not be frivolous.

Cattanach called Strelczenie to speak as the “Hemingbrough Parish Chairman” admitting politely he did not know how to pronounce his name, nor did he know if ‘Jan’ was a woman or a man.

Strelczenie’s only mission was to convince the Committee of the extremely hazardous nature of the controversial road junction, and seek safety improvements if they approved the application.

Strelczenie started by insulting the Planning Officers as a Group for not knowing what it is like to live in a local village and for focusing on planning rules.  The effect on the Committee of an ‘unknown’ Parish Chairman slagging off the Officers at the start of his representations could be seen. 

Strelczenie did not focus sufficiently on the Hemingbrough Parish Council objection - his only mission.  He launched into a rant about our local bus service, ‘treating’ the Committee to details of the daily schedules and the connections to York and Tadcaster.  He lost track of the passing, limited time.  

Cattanach turned off Strelczenie’s microphone.  No other speaker suffered such humiliation. 

After the Committee approved the Hemingbrough Application amid comments about its modest nature, Strelczenie skedaddled out of the Council Chamber like a scalded cat. 

It is all on Video-cam!  

[i] In the style of David Cameron’s emotive Brexit phrase.
[ii] Councillor Mike Jordan
[iii] October 2016
[iv] Hemingbrough Parish Council minutes.