Sunday, 21 May 2017

Seeing is believing!

A picture is a worth a thousand words, but a YouTube video is far better, especially for those who need to see something before they will accept that it really existed or occurred.

I wonder how long it will take for Ms. Gillian Marshall, Monitoring Officer and Solicitor to Selby District Council to act on the evidence before her eyes – wonderful thing, YouTube and the law allowing residents and others see what happens at Council Meetings.     

Dear Councillors, 

Bullying and insulting colleagues are unacceptable.  When they happen in formal Parish Council meetings, in front of the public, they are shameful.  The perpetrator displays an utter disregard for rules and consequences when knowingly captured on film. 

Looking at your papers, the ceiling or your fingernails during such behaviour betrays your scant knowledge of or contempt for the national Councillors Code of Conduct and the Hemingbrough Parish Council Standing Orders.  They require you to take action: look them up!

Your failure to do your duty also brings Hemingbrough Parish Council into disrepute.

Here is an open letter to your Chairman, Councillor Strelczenie.

Honour your election pledges, get informed and take action at next week’s Annual General Meeting in the Methodist Church Hall.

Open Letter to Councillor Strelczenie

I allege your frequent remarks to and about Councillor Roland Chilvers, captured on my webcam at Hemingbrough Parish Council meetings, constitute bullying in the workplace* in contravention of the Councillors Code of Conduct and the Council’s Standing Orders.  

“You’re a Councillor; you’re supposed to do these things, Roland (Councillor Chilvers).  All you seem to do is pass the buck on to somebody else.  You just don’t want to do anything.  You just tell everybody else what to do.”
“This is something that Roland’s (Councillor Chilvers) asked for again. ….. I find this hard to understand he’s been a Councillor for thirty odd years and he doesn’t know how to put an item forward for ‘agenda” 
“Just hold it there!  Can somebody tell me what he’s (Councillor Chilvers) talking about?  Can somebody please tell me what’s he talking about?”
“Roland, you have been in’t Parish Council for thirty years, and you’ve done nothing about it.  Why? (Chilvers - Because I only got these documents recently.) You’ve only just got it recently?  Well, you need to ungot (sic) it, then”
You must apologise to him fully, in front of his peers and the public and cease your disreputable behaviour that brings the Council into disrepute.  

Residents did not vote for this behaviour that marks you as unfit to lead the Council.

* Workplace Bullying is repeated, abusive, belligerent, humiliating conduct by one or more people.