Sunday, 21 May 2017

Behind our Backs

The irritatingly Silent Councillor Glenis Harrison blurted out the truth at the May Council Meeting as she lambasted the leadership of Jan Strelczenie and Bob Procter, now into its third year.  

She is mostly Silent until anything interfering with the interests of Hagg Lane Green Conservation Society is mentioned.  Why did the three deteriorating diesel fuel tanks under the Memorial Garden get her knickers knotted?  Why did she vote for the Council to take the Gardens into public ownership? (More about That, later.  Much more!)   

What have the fuel tanks got do to with Hagg Lane Green?  

Presumably, at the monthly Conservation Society’s meeting on Tuesday, timed to formulate their Parish Council strategy, they talked about their letter to the Land Registry that may interfere with the Council’s application to take Hagg Lane Green into public ownership.  Can the Society try making another case to interfere with the Council’s plan and preserve their private interests?

One again, the Council is beset by issues outside the Council.  Strelczenie’s ‘Parish History’ Gang (can we get the Villagers to take on the risks and costs of the Memorial Gardenunknowingly?), Procter’s ‘Village Hall’ Gang (can we get another Director of the ‘Village Hall Gang’ on to the Council to make a bloc of 4?) and the Conservation Group (can we get another of our Steering Group Members on to the Council to make a voting bloc of 3 or4?)

Councillors Chilvers and Terry remain independent of the inter-gang rivalries and try their best. 

Councillor Sedman?  Who knows?  If he doesn’t speak, why does he bother turning up?      

Bugger the residents!