Monday, 24 July 2017

The ‘Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014’

‘The Act’ requires the Parish Council (not to be confused with ‘The Parochial Church Council of Hemingbrough’ a.k.a. ‘The P.C.C.’ or ‘The Church’) to answer questions about how it spends our money.  Most residents couldn’t give a toss.  I asked the Parish Council about its grass-cutting Contract, a part of which covers St. Mary's Church graveyard. 

Who is contractually committed to pick up the cuttings that plague graveside mourners and relatives of the departed, especially in wet weather?  

Most nodding-donkey Parish Councillors couldn’t give a toss, and probably have never seen the seven-year, open-ended Contract.

The Parish Council Chairman, Jan Strelczenie, has been filmed telling Councillors he agrees with the Contractor who he says claims it is not his duty.  The rolling, open-ended seven-year (so far!)  Parish Council Contract says it is the Contractor’s duty. 

Strelczenie has been filmed telling Councillors he suggested to the Contractor he should ‘add a bit’ to his prices.  

The Church couldn’t get a copy of the Parish Council Contract, even though it reimburses the Council for the work at the Graveyard. (?????)     
I have told the Council’s Auditor I believe the payment of public money to a Contractor for work not carried out under contract may be unlawful, and the Parish Council must have a visible process of corporate due diligence that protects the Council, St. Mary’s Church, and local electors.

There have been two responses so far, but nothing from the Parish Council (I think?)

From The Church, in the post.

From The Tossers! From the Village Notice Boards!