Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Hemingbrough Parish Council meetings are a monthly "bun fight"*

That ‘A’ Word!

A council must do what the law requires it to do**.
A council may do only what the law says it may do.
A council cannot do anything unless permitted by legislation.

The law gives local councils choice in activities to undertake; but surprisingly
there are very few duties, or activities that they must carry out in delivering
services to local people.  Exceptions are that a council MUST:

consider the provision of Allotments if there is demand for them from
local residents and it is reasonable to do so.

Chairman of the Council Jan Strelcnenie told a resident at a recent Council Public Forum that Allotments are outside the remit of the Parish Council.  The Clerk to the Council Julie Leighton-Eshelby did not correct him, so Councillors and the Public were left with false information. 

How can the highly unsatisfactory Council gauge demand from residents if false information is allowed to rule the roost?    

It seems that only one Councillor cares to prompt for the truth.  No wonder he is bullied. Maybe that is why other Councillors seem disinterested or simply keep their mouths shut, for months at a time.  

* Visiting North Yorkshire County Councillor 
** The good councillor’s guide