Thursday, 15 June 2017


Thursday 15th June 2017 – Parish Council Night (2)

Bob Procter, Vice-chairman of the Council, and Director of the private company ‘Hall for Hemingbrough” gave an emphatic “NO” to my question about the issue of the Playing Fields, and possibly The Village Institute, being sold for development.

I was delighted to hear that

Bob Procter didn’t make clear whether he was talking as the Council Vice-chairman or a Director of ‘Hall for Hemingbrough’.  It gets so confusing: I don’t understand when the Chairman is talking as the Chairman, with his extra powers, and as the lead Director of the Parish History Society in the same conversation!  It’s like a used-car salesman describing his old jalopy, then acting as the Customer agreeing to buy it without a thorough inspection.  

I don't remember an answer to the final question? 

P.S. The Nodding Donkeys were at it again tonight.  They agree as true minutes describing how a single resident has called an election.  Are they stupid or ignorant?  It takes 10 qualified residents to call an election to prevent a ‘mate’s co-option’.  Maybe they are plain lazy and don’t bother reading what tripe is set before them.

Tonight’s Question:

Questions for Open Public Forum at Hemingbrough Parish Council
June 15th 2017
Good evening, Chairman.

I will read my question so you can’t dispute what I say.

I commend you for objecting to traffic increases on School Road until its dangerous junction with the A63 is improved by safety measures.   

Parish Councils are responsible for Village Halls and Community Centres.

You and the Vice-chairman removed the “Hall for Hemingbrough” from the Agenda two months ago.

The 11-acre Playing Field will accommodate 80+ houses and 200 cars.

Will the Vice-chairman or you confirm that his REGIONAL COMMUNITY CENTRE PROJECT probably includes the Playing Field and Village Institute Sale for housing development, thereby increasing School Road traffic?

Why are three or more Parish Councillors keeping residents in the dark?

Thank you,