Saturday, 17 June 2017

Old Diesel Tanks under the Memorial Garden

Looks like those of us, including Councillor Chilvers and Mr & Mrs McCann, who have insisted the Parish Council does a technical and financial risk assessment BEFORE accepting public ownership of the Memorial Garden, may have won.  

The Council, chaired by Jan Strelcenie, seemed to be in a huge rush to take over the Memorial from the Parish History Society that failed to secure a financial grant, ‘run’ by Jan Strelczenie.

Yesterday, what looks like a Parish Council Group was poking about in the Memorial Garden and may have been measuring the depth of water in the possibly contaminated tanks.  

I assume it was a Parish Council group even though there was no mention of any intention on Thursday night.  Chairman Strelczenie and the Parish Clerk were there with Councillor Forbes-Davidson.  The Vice-chairman Bob Procter was there, separated from the Group, under the trees, maybe scrutinising relevant paperwork which is said to be in very short supply.

We will be delighted with the transfer of ownership 
if the risk assessments say it is safe to do so.       

I was delighted to see the Parish Clerk, who was too ill to attend Thursday night’s Parish Council, is well again.