Sunday, 28 May 2017

To: JAS.  You got it!  Was it like that when you were a Parish Councillor in C

Hemingbrough Parish History Society “falling apart” according to one its Directors, fails to win Lottery bid, needs money, Society Director looks elsewhere for money, ‘offers’ Memorial Garden to Parish Council with dodgy, diesel tanks below, without Council financial risk assessment, after all, HE is the Parish Council Chairman, some keep schtum, some bleat, three talk in Council but don’t have Chairman’s authority, they are all giving the finger to the Council Standing Orders, ‘the three’ are openly concerned about rush to transfer ownership and financial risks to Council, but don’t take action.  One Councillor already says she is not taking any of the blame!  

Personally, I would like the Council to own the Memorial Gardens IF its formal Risk Assessment says it is worth it for the residents. 

In the spotlight, under the microscope, whatever, they are all caught on Video cam for the inevitable complaint and post mortem.  Who said what, who took action, who kept schtum and what the Clerk and Vice-chairman did and didn’t do!

WE didn’t vote for this, and THEY pledged “Openness and Honesty” and to “work together for the benefit of the community and put the interests of the residents first - written by Procter, the Vice-chairman , I think!