Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Someone spills the Beans!

Looked what dropped through my letterbox.  Thank you to ‘Whomever’!

Allegation of Dirty Dealing at the Parish Council in a letter to the Parish Clerk (dated 25 April 2017), copied to both North Yorkshire and Selby District Councillors.

The well-connected writers say the ‘correspondence’ introduced by the Clerk at the end of the meeting was NOT provided to all Parish Councillors for the statutory three days before their meeting so they could consider it and form an individual opinion before they discussed it in Council.

The letter identifies the single Councillor abstaining in that surprise vote as the source of that information who was “given the letter with the Agenda at the start of the meeting”.      

The letter confirms the earlier assertion this issue was sprung on at least one Councillor at the Parish Council.  She was manoeuvered into a disputed vote after which Chairman Strelczenie and the Parish Clerk briefed the Council Solicitor to initiate the transfer of the Garden to the public purse.

Did Councillor Chilvers’ sensitive nose smell another rat?