Monday, 22 May 2017

Early bailout for a private organisation using Hemingbrough public funds?

Dear Parish Clerk

Ref: Parish of Hemingbrough Historical Heritage Society – Receipt of letter regarding future of the Memorial Garden

At last Thursday’s Parish Council, Councillor Drew spoke about the subject matter as if the Council has agreed to take the Memorial Garden into public ownership subject only to the completion of transfer paperwork.  Most Councillors concurred.

Your minutes state the Parish Council “would take over the site and cover any costs” without stating under what conditions.  Councillor Procter called for all costs to be identified and the Parish History Society (PHHHS) check all conditions relating to the site.

I request that the Parish Council, not the PHHHS, completes appropriate due diligence including a risk assessment noting especially the risk posed by the flooded, old diesel tanks beneath the former Service Station, and the findings be debated as an agenda item under full public scrutiny.  

I object to any leading Council role being taken by Council Chairman Jan Strelczenie as he acts for and leads the PHHHS.  

I note that the Parish History Society failed in a recent appeal for funds.  This sounds to me like an early bailout for a private organisation using public funds.  

I also object to such a potentially risky and costly topic being listed under correspondence and discussed at the very end of the Parish Council.  Earlier in the meeting, the Chairman castigated a member for failing to define fully an agenda topic.

I request your early response, please, including the conditions under which the Council MAY in future take over the site.  I have recorded a recent example of you ignoring a request that may not have suited Chairman Strelczenie.

22 May 2017.