Saturday, 29 April 2017

Hemingbrough United Charities Constitution

Thanks JAS for your enquiry.

The Parish Council has the sole right to appoint Trustees for four-year terms.  It can appoint anybody it wants, regardless of the wishes of the remaining Trustees.

An efficient, interested Parish Council with lawful sole right of appointment should know when the four-year terms expire and ask why the remaining Trustees have issued no notices.   

I don't know why this crop of Councillors is so lackadaisical.  Councillor Keith Terry is a descendant of one of the Trustees responsible for uniting the original charities.
Trustees shall hold at least two ordinary meetings in each year.  Any person who is absent from all ordinary meetings during a period one year shall thereupon cease to be a Trustee.

Trustees cease to be Trustees as soon as they notify the Secretary they have resigned.

Upon the occurrence of a vacancy, the Trustees “shall cause a notice thereof to be given as soon as possible to the said Parish Council.”

The Charity Secretary could have notified the Parish Council of a vacancy by now.

Ask the ‘Borthwick Institute’ in York, the Parish Council or Charity Secretary (K. McCann) for a copy of the constitution.  The Charity Commission website spells out the DUTIES of the Trustees.