Sunday, 19 March 2017

Apparently, stupid Councillors are scratching their heads!

How did he know that?  

Hemingbrough Parish “Council had occupied the tip” at Hagg Lane Ponds since at least July 15th 1935, according to a previous minute book.  Would that knowledge have strengthened the Council’s application to have the Green registered under ‘adverse possession’ rules? (See 10th March 2017 post below).  

Councillors should stop bawling at each other, stop playing silly buggers, and seek the answers.  Instead, they meet in secret session closed to the press and public, to further their fight with the Hagg Lane Conservation Group.  

Didn’t the recent Selby District Council former Deputy CEO Jonathan Lund’s investigation of the relationship between them teach them a lesson?  (More later).

31 March 1948
The disgraceful state of the Parish Tip in Hagg Lane was put before the Council the condition of which had worsened since the tip had been handed over to the R(ural) D(istrict) Council and after discussion it was proposed that the Sanitary Inspector be acquainted with the facts and asked that same should be kept in a tidier condition.”