Friday, 10 March 2017

A load of old rubbish!

For those asking how long the Parish Council has been using the Hagg lane Ponds. 
Hemingbrough township in 1841 comprised 867 acres of arable land, 173 of meadow and pasture, and 53 of wood, waste, orchards and gardens.  Remaining commonable lands were inclosed in 1844 under the general Inclosure Act of 1836.  Some roadside verges were used in common by the inhabitants.  Forty-seven people, the ‘Common Righters’ with rights of pasturage for example, had 73 common rights in Hagg Lane, Old Ways and elsewhere in 1895.

From the Hemingbrough Parish Council Minutes of 29 March 1939.  

Mr Trimble on behalf of the Common Rights put forward his claim for four years rent for 6d per annum for the use of Hagg Lane Ponds to be used by the Parish Council as a refuse tip. This had been previously overlooked since the Council had occupied the tip

A minute to the effect that the Council pay a yearly sum of 6d for the ground to be used as a refuse tip was passed on July 15th 1935 in a previous minute book.

For adoption (various Parish Council transactions, including)

Wm Thackray for cleaning up refuse tip 7/6d

D Tremble Refuse Tip rent 4 years at 6d per year 2/-

Mr Tremble moved the adoption of the above accounts seconded by Mr Curzon and carried. 

For those asking about the 'Silly Buggers'